Anna Brownsted, vocals
Bill Longhorse, guitar
Gregg Prickett, upright bass
Bryan Wakeland, drums

The Immaculates deftly layer subtle, sultry vocals over a
jazzy, swingy, rocky, far-eastern plush velour backdrop.

"The four-song EP from the Immaculates is loooooong on vibe, loaded up with wah-wah distortion and sinister deadpan vocals...It only makes you want to hear more, which just has to be a good thing."

-Robert Wilonski
Dallas Observer

"Jeff Liles and Perla Doherty's HEIRESS-aesthetic label releases it's third release with Static Orange, a two CD set of 31 local artists.
---Static's two CDs--one 'passive', one 'aggressive' --document the wide variety of local bands. From the folksy rock of Reed Easterwood's 'Absolute Blue' to the treble kick of Pleasant Grove's 'Solid System' to El Gato's symphonic 'A Song for Television' to The Immaculates' pastoral 'Autumn in New York', Static's 31 tracks move from genre to genre with enough energh to entice even the most finicky listener.
...Presently, Static Orange is free with the purchase of a CD by a local artist (any local artist) at Bill's Records, CD World on Mockingbird (Just Google it) and a few participating CD Warehouses.
For more info visit"

-Bret McCabe
The Met

Upcoming Events:
Date Venue Immaculation
Friday, April 2 The Curtain Club,
Deep Ellum
With Centromatic. Drop any plans you currently have.
Saturday, April 10 The Deep Ellum Arts Festival (The Stoli Stage) 5:30 pm
Thursday, April 22 The Curtain Club 10:00 pm. Show benefits AIDS Resources of Dallas.
Thursday, May 6 Trees Between Budapest One and The Deathray Davies.

Self-titled EP produced by The Immaculates and
Reed Easterwood available now at:

FORBIDDEN Books, Videos & Music
835 Exposition, Dallas, Texas 75226
(214) 821-9554

For booking or additional information, please contact:
Anna Brownsted
5628 1/2 Boaz
Dallas, TX 75209
(214) 353-2995

Coming soon:
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